About the Site


Welcome! This website, called The Road To Damascus (named after the place where Saul, one of the most feared persecutors of the Christian faith, became one of the most well-known biblical figures in Acts 9), or The Road for short, aims to help communicate Christianity to nonbelievers. Many posts also have additional resources (which are usually also the sources for the articles themselves) picked out if you want to read more into a certain topic. And you should read them if interested – we make absolutely no claims of being an expert, and the articles on this website should be understood to be overviews of the subjects discussed.

In order to facilitate discussion, you are able to post comments on blog entries. There is just one important thing to remember here: while arguments or questions are accepted no matter what your beliefs, if you are posting simply to make fun of people, antagonize, troll, or conduct yourself in any manner that suggests you are not here for healthy discussion, then your comment(s) will be at risk of being edited or deleted at any time. Otherwise, feel free to post anything that’s on your mind! We plan to be very involved with comments and emails. If you have questions, we hope to help shed some light on them or at least point you in the right direction – we’ll also take ideas for future posts!

We pray that this blog becomes a good resource to non-Christians who want to understand what we believe and why we believe it.